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A modern take on the Greek tragedy

Welcome to CBS Theatre!

Tickets for our new play “Spaces” are now on sale!

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Performances will run from the 6th to the 9th of February!

Check our Facebook event for more details here

Our chorus is ready to welcome you to a modern adaptation of a timeless revenge drama. Will you be there to listen to their story? A little teaser for CBS Theatre’s upcoming show Elektra, premiering March 21st at Huset-KBH

We’re super excited to be among the top 5 English-language theatre entrants in Denmark selected by the Copenhagen Post:

“For their debut they delivered the farcical, raunchy romp ‘Boeing Boeing’. Everything about it was slick, from superb casting to slick marketing – doing its alma mater’s reputation as a business school no damage at all!”

Our second production will be March 2018… stay tuned!

CPH POST 2017 TOP 5: English-language theatre trailblazers in Denmark

Our next production for spring 2018 is in process and we have an exciting new team of talented and hard working people preparing our next spectacle!



Check our updated Team page to meet the new cast and crew!

Our next production for spring 2018 is official, and we are looking for new, fresh-faced actors and crew members!

We’re not revealing the script yet, but expect something wild and murderous. Auditions will be in two weeks, so hurry up & don’t miss out…

Join our cast & crew by filling in the sign-up form:

The official trailer for Boeing Boeing is now up for grabs!

Remember to come watch the real performances from March 1 to March 5 at Huset. 70 kr. for CBS students and 100 kr. for friends and family – buy your tickets HERE.



Boarding passes are now available for Boeing Boeing!

Sit back and relax – and the crew on board will make sure you get a fantastic experience on this turbulent flight.

Wednesday 1 March – SOLD OUT

Thursday 2 March

Friday 3 March – SOLD OUT

Saturday 4 March – SOLD OUT

Sunday 5 March – HERE (*Starting at 17.00)

CBS Theatre is very excited for our first performance at Huset-KBH, playing from March 1 to March 5 – every night at 19.00.

Boeing Boeing is a sexy comedy that takes place in the lovely 1960’s, where the bachelor Bernard has found the perfect life style. A flat in Paris and engaged to three gorgeous stewardesses who does not know about each other. But when Bernard’s friend, Robert, decides to come for a visit, the road gets bumpy and with the new and faster Boeing airplanes the precise timing of the stewardesses starts to overlap. Soon the carefully made up plans starts to crack and Robert is forgetting which lies to tell to whom, and the catastrophe looms!

You can read more about the event HERE.

Tickets can be bought at the following links:

Wednesday 1 March – SOLD OUT

Thursday 2 March

Friday 3 March – SOLD OUT

Saturday 4 March – SOLD OUT

Sunday 5 March  – HERE